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Oil Change In Ohio

Oil Change In Ohio

An engine is a machine, and a machine needs lubrication. Following the manufacturer recommended oil change intervals for your vehicle is a fundamental component in preserving the longevity and health of your car's engine. A regular oil and filter change is a simple way to keep your vehicle running in excellent condition, protect against wear, and maintain your car's value. Motor oil is a necessary lubricant to reduce friction between the moving parts of your car's engine. It is what lubricates all the moving parts and ensures that the engine delivers optimal performance, reliability, and maximum fuel economy. By regularly changing your new Chevrolet's oil you keep the pan full of clean oil, filled to the manufacturer's guidelines. When you have the oil changed in your car, truck, SUV or Hybrid, be sure to take your vehicle to an authorized repair facility so you can be certain you are having the correct oil weight and viscosity added to your car. Make sure to have the filter changed as well. The oil filter is what removes dirt and other contaminants in the oil before they can cause excessive wear.

Changing the oil in line with your car's service timetable will protect against damage to the pistons, cylinders, rings and rods. If you are due for an oil change, schedule your automotive service at one of the Ganley dealerships in the Ganley Automotive Group serving Ohio, today. At Ganley, the motor oil we use is designed to maintain correct viscosity on the cylinder wall, protect against corrosion, and prevent foaming. Oil is always working to help to avoid your engine from overheating and keep your car's engine running in peak condition so you can depend on it mile after mile. All the work your oil is constantly doing to protect your car causes the oil to break down. Thankfully, it's the oil that gives out instead of your engine. By protecting your engine this way, after time, oil loses its ability to provide proper lubrication, which can lead to overheating and damage. That's why it's important to change the oil and the filter on a regular basis. Schedule an oil change at the Ganley Automotive dealership nearest you. Our factory trained service technicians know exactly which motor oil weight and filter is recommended for your vehicle.

A car is an investment. By appropriately changing the oil and filter on a regular basis you take a simple step towards protecting that investment. Help your vehicle perform at its best, last longer, and maintain its resale value. Help your automobile by bringing it to a Ganley dealership in the Ganley Automotive Group today!

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